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Kevin Wildermuth on Flickr is where you can find more recent work, including stereographic imagery (you'll need a pair of red & blue glasses to see these properly).

Wildermuth/Webb projects:

Rxs RKives miscellaneous shenanigans from Stevie Webb and Kevin Wildermuth (coming soon)

Kevin also makes artist products that feature another aspect of his photography:
lamp shades
blank journals

AlternateViews a virtual exhibit of photographs taken in Oaxaca, Mexico and associated with locations in Seattle via QR codes and Google Maps.

Other sites of interest:

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Deborah Mersky studio & public artist

Craig Hickman photographer & more

Helen Lessick artist

Robert Connell painter

Nan Brown photographer

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Susan Gofstein painter & collage artist

Cate Brigden painter & photographer

Lauren Grossman sculptor

Anna KcKee artist & printmaker

Blue Sky Gallery (aka Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts) non-profit gallery